GetMeditation is meant to be an open meditation diary. What happens when meditation meets the real world, both for you, and for me?

  I've been interested in everything esoteric since my teens, and spent 14 years as a personal development and meditation coach and teacher.

I'm drawing on all of that experience on this blog, and aim to make it a place that helps any of us enjoy a meditative state as easily as possible. It is  that state of mind, and the space to appreciate it, that really matters. Meditation is a simple, natural state. I hope that this blog helps you find or deepen your own best path into it for yourself, with equal ease.

Each one of us is making the world work, just as we are, right from wherever we're at, ready or not.

So you are welcome here whether you have years of meditation experience, or none.

Please do read, enjoy, and join in.

Love & thanks

Clare (GetMeditation)