Thursday, 31 December 2015

Three Unusual Ways to Listen to Meditations

It all started with the widget in the picture on the right. Is it an air freshener? No.  Is it a smoke alarm? Apparently not.

It is, in fact (as the title of this post probably gave away already) a speaker, and a recent gift from the Computer Man.

It turns out that he had, in fact, been listening attentively when I bemoaned how hard it was to listen to meditations, (or anything else "on demand") in the bathroom, without watery risk to smartphones or other tech.

These days, thanks to the Computer Man knowing such a thing existed, either of us can be as relaxed as we like, streaming anything from any bluetooth device into this dinky little bathroom speaker.

So bathroom speakers are the first unusual way to listen to meditations.

(And yes, that link, like some others in this post, is an affiliate one).

Anyway, the whole bathroom speaker revelation got me wondering: what else had I been missing out on?

It turns out, for example, that something I'd been dimly aware of for ages (MP3 players in pillows) are now a totally everyday concept. And wouldn't this speaker pillow (below) would go very well with a sleep or relaxation meditation?

Speaker pillows then, are unusual meditation listening method number two.

The most unusual way to listen to meditations I've encountered so far (in an admittedly short foray) is (drum roll please...) the woolly hat. With something like this piece of  wearable tech (below)  you could, theoretically, be outside in sub-zero temperatures, yet listening to a beach-based meditation.

I'm not suggesting you should, not least because its important to concentrate in ice and snow, and "Relaxing on the Beach" might be just too relaxing to allow that to happen safely.

But (to me, at least) it's still amazing that you could.

Finally, please amaze me some more...Let me know in the comments below about the most unusual locations in, and devices with which, you've ever listened to a meditation.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

An Unexpected Christmas Meditation

Meditating this morning, this idea floated into my mind. Apologies to any English professors who may object to the way I've expressed this, but please accept the poem in this image as seasonal greetings to you and yours, and very best wishes for 2016.

(Please enjoy and share if it resonates with you, and just leave it aside if it does not. Many thanks!)

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Can Meditation & Humour Mix?


Here's a question or two for you (and all of us). Why does there seem to be so little meditation humour (or "humor")? Why are there so few meditation cartoons? With the noble exception of laughter yoga, meditation and humour are almost never presented as the happy bedfellows they could be. But why?

There's no hard-and-fast answer to any of these questions. Maybe not enough meditating cartoonists have come along yet. Maybe people simply aren't used to finding humour in meditation or spirituality. Or maybe it's simply something I haven't been able to find. (If you know differently, please *do* let everyone else in on it, in the comments below).

But maybe there is something else at work here too. Maybe meditation has got itself a reputation as something serious-certainly too serious to be laughed at. And perhaps a thought has got about that if a person dare have a sense of humour about meditation, well then, can that person be a "real" meditator? And once one person has that idea, then others who come along and model themselves on very serious meditation practitioners, attempting to be "truly spiritual" (whatever that is). Hence, the newcomers all feel obliged to be very serious also.

But in fact...

Humour and meditation are better together than apart

You only have to look as far as the current Dalai Lama to know that deep meditation/spirituality and humour can be perfect partners. The cynical might say that humour makes a leader's message that much more powerful, too.

But for the rest of us non-cynics, there are at least three more very good reasons for humour and meditation to go together. For one thing, both meditation and humour are both uplifting, lightening, positive forces. And few would argue that the world can do with as much of that kind of energy as possible.

What's more, if you happen to have a good sense of fun by nature, and then attempt to become serious because you feel you "should", in order to be "good at" meditation, isn't that actually going against your true nature? (Which of course, would be the exact opposite of the point of most types of meditation). NB. This paragraph does reflect something I once unwittingly tried to do myself...and wouldn't recommend.

Finally, we tend to feel comfortable laughing with ideas that have become part of the culture and cultural landscape, and that feel familiar. So, in laughing about certain aspects of meditation, we might also be acknowledging meditations's place as a mainstream part of everyday life...if we dare.