Friday, 4 October 2013

Try This Isochronic Tone Generator

Rainbow Autumn Image
"Rainbow Autumn" from BoundingSquirrel
Never heard of "Isochronic tones?" I hadn't either, until a few days ago.

And to be honest, intially, I wasn't that keen. Anything that smacks of mind control or someone else being able to squeak weirdness into a recording without my knowledge, gives me the creeps. (Which is why you'll never find anything in the least "subliminal" in any recording I make).

An isochronic tone generator though, allows you to control the sounds you hear for yourself, and to experiment to find sounds that help you, personally, to feel at your best at any given time.

Rather than my waffling on about how it all works, it's much better for me just to link to the generator, so that you can explore it for yourself at:

When you've given it a go, please let everyone know what you thought of the experience (however it went for you!) in the comments. Many thanks!