Friday, 30 November 2012

Visual Meditation Video

I've been experimenting with creating visual meditations recently.

Have a look at this video, and see how it works for you:

(The full version is available to buy as a Windows screensaver here)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How Not to Find the Benefits of Meditation

Oh, everyone talks glibly about the "benefits of meditation". I know. I've done it myself. But over the past few months, I've also discovered them once again, and in a much harder way than I'd recommend to  anyone else.

First of all there was the "falling of the wagon," period when meditation stopped for a few weeks because all the stressy stuff called "life" got in the way. It's really weird how, just when you need it most, meditation time seems to move further away. It's an illusion, of course, and I've even written about the possible reasons for it. But move away it did. Cue an unusual (and yes, unnecessary) drama in life, and much frustrated and downright angry spinning of wheels on my part.

Then, there was the more recent, and far more puzzling outage. For a brief few weeks, everything in what's been a pretty strange year, seemed calm. A couple of really lovely opportunities that my hubby and I have waited *years* to enjoy came our way. Things felt peaceful.

And if you've ever done meditation as a habit, you probably already know what's coming next. It's even quite OK to chuckle to yourself about it. Basically, if you're thinking, "I bet she stopped meditating because everything seemed too *good* and as if meditation might not matter any more..." You'd be so, so, right.

What I'd forgotten, of course, is that meditative actions build up over time. So you keep the benefits for a while afterwards. Then life descends into unfamiliar levels of chaos. Or at least it did for me. Until I twigged that really, meditation just had to start again. And then, after a few days, those benefits began to accrue again. The books list them as:

-Improved health
-A more youthful appearance
-Better concentration
-All round calm.

Etc. Etc.

All of it true, and in a future post, I'll do my best to round up the latest welter of all-round evidence that seems, once again to bear out those benefits.

The Real Benefits of Meditation

But here on the ground, you and I both know that the day-to day "benefits of meditation" really equate to a life free from:

*Tedious and pointless fights with friends/family/significant others over "who's right".
*Tossing and turning at 3am over issues that seem so much smaller by morning.
*Loss of direction and, "Is this all there is?" syndrome.
*Emotions that feels flat, grey, depressed and devoid of colour.

Benefits of Meditation-Internal Colour Mandala
Don't know about you, but I'll take those solid, everyday benefits of meditation just as gladly as any that may lie in the future.

PS. I love comments. Let me know what you've experienced when you've started (or stopped) meditation.