Thursday, 24 November 2011

Meditation and a Long, (Long) Dark Night of the Soul?

You can't have a meditation diary without meditating. And this, therefore, has been my problem in adding to, or posting to this blog (or indeed, anywhere at all).

Traditionally, such a period of loss of inner senses, and the trust in them (that I'd always. maybe, taken for granted) was referred to as the, "long dark night of the soul". Have I been going through that? Or burnout? Or both?

To be honest, I'm not sure. But I am sure that for a pretty frightening period of about six months, my life unravelled. I couldn't sleep or eat properly. My business dwindled to nothing, whatever I did to try and increase it. In the end,  I could barely write a coherent sentence, let alone meditate. A lifelong talker, I felt like a shadow and could barely make it through a party, never mind a meditation recording.

There have been compensations. My husband has been stellar. I've discovered, and come to love, new activities I never thought I'd touch (like art). I've connected and reconnected with people and places long- neglected. And finally, I've come to realise how little any of us ever knows about our inner world, and where it might take us next.

So what?

If you're feeling busy, you might well think "Shame, but what's this got to do with me?". Fair question, and the answer's two-fold.

1) Having set up this meditation diary, it seems only fair to explain why my posts suddenly dried up.

2) A bit of gentle research among friends suggests that I'm not alone. Whilst this year may have affected different people in different way, many, if not most people, have been through the mill in 2011. And are still going through it. And/or find themselves in a weird kind of spiritual and economic limbo.

So I wanted to raise my hand,talk about what's been going on, and to start a debate about what's worked for all of us in getting through this phase. If you feel able to share what's helping you get through at the moment, please *do* share them. Your words will help everyone, in what could be a "long, dark night of the soul" for lots and lots of people.